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Sarah can cope admirably with all skill levels, instilling confidence as well as technique.  What used to be an object of dread and the sure collapse of a score becomes an opportunity to hone new understanding and skills, all given in a relaxed and frequently humorous atmosphere. Now love bunkers! Thanks Sarah
Melanie Hunter on ‘Bonkers about bunkers
One of the ladies who helps run the range said what a lovely swing I had. Honestly I was chuffed to bits as it is very early days! However I feel a hell of a lot better than I did last week at this time…… So fingers crossed and thanks to the best golf teacher in the world!
Brenda Oxford – Kendleshire member

Last Wednesday I had 39 points (off 7/8) and came second on count back! I couldn’t believe it. The main thing is my confidence has come back and I am enjoying golf again. I am not hesitating at all about club selection or swing…….just going for it as you pointed out. All the points you have given to me seem to have registered at last. Many Thanks Sarah

M – Cumberwell Park member.
Sarah that psychology lesson on Friday paid dividends on the course yesterday. Went out with a completely new mentality and set out to enjoy the round. Previously I had the approach of “play good golf and I’ll be happy” instead of “be happy and I’ll play good golf”. Had one of my best rounds of the year and scored 84 gross (39 pts). Funny old game innit!!!
Mark WatersKendleshire Member
Having a great golf season Sarah. Only dropped one shot in handicap but have won several times, am consistently among the prizes and won today’s Stableford. My attitude hugely improved e.g. 14 pts on first 9 today with some stupid shots, my reaction was to put that behind me and get 19 on the back 9 even though some of those were scrambled. All thanks to you. I’m playing more and able to consolidate all the work we did. Thanks again.
Bridget Jenkins
Played in the monthly medal today, 40 odd competitors. Shot a net 68, 4 over gross. Hit it beautifully. You are the best coach ever!
Stuart Armstrong
Hi Sarah, just to let you know I am now down to 4! One goal achieved now got to continue on the journey! Thanks Sarah
Chris Rowe Bristol & Clifton GC
Hi Sarah, just to let you know thanks for all the great coaching this season – yesterday I won my work National Finals at Wychwood Park in Cheshire which I thought you might like to know! Well chuffed! Thank you.
Sarah is a great golf coach. Rather than getting bogged down with too many swing thoughts and technical detail, Sarah works more on feel and a natural intuition for the golf swing.
Feeling frustrated with a lack of consistency in my long game, I arranged an hr long video lesson with Sarah to find out what was going wrong. It didn’t take long for Sarah to realise that tension was the main factor for my inconsistencies. We worked solely on feeling grounded, relaxing and promoting good rhythm in the swing.
The next month saw me winning both the club championship (net) and monthly medal, breaking 80 in a stroke play competition for the first time and reducing my handicap from 12 to 10! Good value in anyone’s book!
Sarah is highly organised with tips and swing thoughts recorded from every lesson on her excellent player tool website ‘SmartPro Coaching’ – there is a real feeling that each lesson is contributing to the long term plan. I couldn’t recommend Sarah’s coaching techniques highly enough.
Craig Short Bristol & Clifton GC

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