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Golf Holidays

Sarah organaises a range of holidays to suit all tastes in Ireland and Europe.

Sarah Claridge Golf School, Ireland 22nd-26th May 2017

GOLF & YOGA a completely new approach to your golf with added value to help achieve better results.

Sarah Claridge and Sarah Waterfield then joined forces to design the ‘Yoga for Golf’ programme and have run it twice successfully already in England.  ‘Yoga for Golf’ has been designed at an introductory level, harmonising the Movement, Breath and Mind elements of yoga to complement your golf performance. Sarah Claridge will teach the golf bit, explaining how the yoga fits with the golf, also introducing some ‘train the golf brain’ elements into the yoga sessions and on the course. Sarah Waterfield will guide you step by step through the yoga. The yoga classes will certainly not be about ‘stretching until you can’t stretch no more’! Instead they will teach you to get the most out of your body, however you are, in order to maximise your performance and enjoyment on the golf course.

Both Sarah’s have an intuitive way of teaching – responding to the people in front of them. This golf break is for all age ranges and ability of golfer. It is going to be fun and as easy going on the body as you want it to be.

£625.00 per person

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Sarah Claridge Golf School, Ireland 26-30th June 2017


This Golf holiday will be thought provoking and fun all rolled into one! Sarah has designed an ‘entertaining’ coaching programme focusing on how to get you thinking the right way to bring more enjoyment to your game and ultimately lower scores. If you experience any of the following, then this holiday would be for you:· Never play well in a big competition· Play well on the front 9 and bad on the back 9!· Find it difficult to control your frustration· Go bonkers near bunkers and water· Take too many putts· Find concentration difficult over 18 holes These are just a handful of golfing situations we get ourselves into. Ask yourself wouldn’t it be nice to play ‘Steady and to my potential more often?’ This week will give you some techniques to encourage that consistency to happen more frequently. This week has been designed for all…. whatever level you’re at with your golf and of course for ladies and gents. These are the themes that we will focus on during pre-round warm up sessions.

£599.00 per person

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