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Scheduled Courses:

Course Date & Time Location Who should attend Booking Instructions
12 Month Marketing Plan Call for Dates The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield PGA Golf Professionals Contact Sarah: 00353 (0)83 852 4917
Increasing Participation & Coaching Revenue within Sport  Various dates – AM and PM Regional Locations Sports managers & coaches Contact Sarah: 00353 (0)83 852 4917

Build Your Own Course

Build your own 

Consider building your own day whether it is one-to-one, team or CPD centred.

Course sessions would be available as follows:


  • Half Day
  • 1 Day
  • 2 Day


For more information contact Sarah on:

Contact Sarah: 00353 (0)83 852 4917

Skype: sarah.claridge.smartpro


Build your own Course here

Choose which sessions you would like to include in your course and email sclari@sarah-claridge.co.uk

1 Business Profile & Evaluation With the aid of a Preliminary business profile questionnaire and some smart questioning areas to work on will be revealed. 1.5 hours
2 Time Management & Planning Finding time to make it happen! An important part of every business appraisal, finding out about the time savers and the time thieves. 1.5 hours
3 Understanding Your Market What is it that they really want? Is your sport or business providing something that people are drawn to? 1.5 hours
4 Designing Periodised Coaching Calendars How to build and deliver a calendar of events or coaching sessions that are well timed and right for your audience 1.5 hours
5 Writing Coaching Programmes Get into the art of writing coaching programmes or products that people will want to sign up to by using a logical 10 step building plan that has been formulated by Sarah 2 hours
6 Developing Your Profile Become more popular by increasing your profile within your business. Creative suggestions that open up all sorts of opportunities. 1.5 hours
7 Marketing Your Coaching How we market our business depends on what it is and what we have to offer but what are the ways that create the interest that make people sign up? 1.5 hours
8 Communication Within Coaching This is a large subject area which can be tailored to your specific needs as an individual or team. ‘The measurement of your communication is the response you get’ (unknown source) 2 hours
9 Customer Service (Sales and Retention) Customer service may be the competitive advantage your business needs. Sarah will take you though step by step methods to increase peoples enjoyment of your service 2 hours

Choose which sessions you would like to include in your course and email sclari@sarah-claridge.co.uk

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For all consultancy and golf related enquiries...
m: 00353 (0)83 852 4917
e: sclari@sarah-claridge.co.uk
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